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Eddie Keith

Types and Distinctions of Logo Lanyards


Are you planning to invest in logo lanyards? Well, before you spend your money, it’s important that you know both conventional and unconventional lanyard variants.

Conventional Types of Logo Lanyards

These lanyards are commonly used by students and employees to hold their identification badges. They are mostly made of high-quality polyester material.

1. Polyester lanyards

This is the most popular type of lanyard. It is economical, durable, and versatile. It can be printed with any design using silkscreen or rubberized printing.

Polyester lanyards are also used in conventions, concerts, and events. These are also the type used in advertising brands or products because of their cost-effectiveness.

2. Woven lanyards

Logo LanyardsThese lanyards are referred to as the simplest among all the lanyard variations because they can only accommodate simple texts. Embroidery is used in applying the design onto the woven logo lanyards’ surface.

There is also a restriction on color combinations for this type. Sewing machines cannot contain as many different colors as printers can.

3. Tubular lanyards

Tubular lanyards are the cheapest and softest type of conventional lanyards. They are made of stitched polyester materials. Silkscreen printing and foam printing can be used in applying your desired design to these lanyards.
They are also known as tube lanyards.

4. Nylon lanyards

Elegant is the term that is commonly associated with Nylon lanyards. They are naturally glossy and smooth. They are also thicker than polyester lanyards.

When silk screen printing is applied to a Nylon lanyard, the design will stand out. It will appear gleaming as it is well accentuated by the surface’s material. Most nylon lanyards have safety breakaway features.

5. Dye Sublimated lanyards

Dye-sublimated lanyards or full-color lanyards employ heat transfer printing in adding multi-colored designs to their surfaces. These lanyards are heavy-duty. They also feature a professional and stylish finish.

Unconventional Types of Logo Lanyards

These lanyards have unique features. Because of that, they are more expensive than the conventional ones. The convenience they bring depends on who is wearing them.

1. USB lanyards

USB lanyards are two-in-one. They are designed for high school and college students who need to save their homework and projects in an external device. These lanyards will hold these students’ identification cards and will secure their USB flash drives.

The USB is located inside the plastic buckles. The buckles connect the lanyard to the hardware attachment. This feature prevents the students from losing their USB drives as well as their projects.

2. Eco-friendly Lanyards

Did you know that soft drink bottles can be recycled to make eco-friendly logo lanyards? PET plastics are reprocessed to create fibers. These fibers will then be woven to make the lanyards. Bamboo and ingeo fibers can also be used.

Because of these inventions, waste can be reduced. You can show your love for Mother Nature by wearing this type of unconventional lanyard.

3. Gleaming Lanyard

Gleaming or glitter lanyards are for fashionable women. Different colors of glitter surround the lanyard, coating the logo and design. This lanyard type is best used as an electronic device holder with its cell phone loop attachment.

4. Reflective Printed Lanyards

The added feature in this unconventional lanyard is a reflective band. A 5/8-inch wide reflective band is sewn onto a ¾-inch wide polyester lanyard. Reflective bands help the wearer see better in dark places or during nighttime.

5. Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards are made of plastic adjustable cords. These cords are tied into a peculiar knot. These types are elastic. They also have safety buckles that automatically break apart when the lanyard is accidentally pulled.

6. Deluxe Rope Lanyards

These lanyards have a diamond retractable badge reel. You can slide this badge reel to adjust your deluxe rope lanyards and to relocate your logo. This type is best for product campaigns.

Deluxe rope lanyards also come with a safety breakaway buckle and a detachable ring for badge holders.

So, which of these types do you need? Even though lanyards are usually cheap, it won’t hurt to think thoroughly before you invest in them.