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Ann Carlson

Why Is There a Need for Funeral Rites?


The loss of a loved one is never easy. But what is harder is learning how to cope with the loss. No one can ever be prepared when a loved one passes away whether unexpectedly or because of illness.

When someone dies, having a funeral is both traditional and ritualistic. These days, people are choosing to do away with the rituals or the funeral itself. This might be a product of modern times when people see rituals as part of “the old”.

Rituals are activities that symbolize thoughts and emotions. These are done during an important life event like weddings, birthdays, child dedications, baptism, graduations, and many other important occasions. These celebrations are usually held with other people to share their happiness. Rituals are there because words are not enough.

Of all the events that need expression of thoughts and feelings, it is death that needs that kind of ritual. The ceremony gives acknowledgement of the loss, celebrates the kind of life lived by the deceased, and encourages sharing of sorrows and memories. What is sad is that society is still afraid to talk about death and sorrow.

Only a funeral service addresses the different needs of the bereaved that need attention:

Accept the truth that the loved one died. The first part in the grieving process is denial. With the service, those left behind are gently guided into acceptance of death. From the preparations to the service, members of the family are slowly led to the realizations of the loss. It is first acknowledged in the minds and then in the hearts of the bereaved. When a service is meaningful, everything from acceptance of the death to the finality of what happened is ensured.

FuneralCompels the bereaved to face the pain of loss. Not being able to grieve can be harmful. It can lead to several issues: physical, emotional and psychological. To some, it can even put a dent into their faith if not given the chance to cry and talk about the loss. With the service, people are given the venue to express what they feel. Others are also able to offer support and even cry with the family members. This helps ease the heaviness in the hearts of the mourners.

Remembrance of the one who passed away. To remember the person who died compels the minds to shift from the physical to just memories. This provides a very strong push for acceptance that death has really occurred. In remembering the one who died, good memories and anecdotes are brought into the surface. Eulogies make people cry as well as laugh and smile. This helps mourners cope with sadness. In this part of the service, it becomes clear that life is now different from where the deceased is. Thus, acceptance of the finality of death can happen.

Emergence of a new self apart from the one who died. This realization is extremely important in moving on with life. This is also the time when you will be faced with a new reality: that there is a different kind of connection with the one who died. The physical sense of relationship has ended. When this happens, moving on is easier.

Looking for meaning. Death is usually hard to find meaning for. But with a funeral service, people come to offer support and sympathies. This relieves some of the burdens that the family feels. It could be that by the end of the service, there is still no clear answer as to why the loved one has to die. Having the support system through visitations, kind words, and sympathies will usually be enough.

Howard Oakley

Special Additional Details for Custom Military Coins


custom military coinsCustom military coins are made a certain way. Most of the ones that you have seen on display will be more likely round, sturdy, heavy, and decorated with etchings. They are usually gold or silver, although nickel, brass, and copper, among others, are also available as materials. Coin manufacturers, however, do not just provide the usual services. They can also provide additional services that could make your coin look more unique or simply more polished. Here are some additional details that you can avail from top coin manufacturers.

3D Design

For those who would like coins with more heft and realism, a three dimensional design can be applied. Not only are the texts engraved but images can be bulked out so that you don’t only see them but can also feel them with your fingers. These 3D coins also look attractive when put on display. Do not waste them on glass paneled display cases where they would not be appreciated much.

Epoxy Coating

With epoxy coating on a part of or over the whole coin, you can put more emphasis on the design. The parts that are covered with a thin coating will look shinier in comparison to the rest. However, the coating can turn a yellowish color if frequently exposed to light.


Some custom military coins are designed with cutouts instead of 3D bulges. Instead of a thicker coin, you have shapes that are cut out of the coin. Simple cutouts may include crosses and hearts, but more complicated designs, such as a person’s profile, have been done before.

Engraved Rim Text

Some coins have their mottos engraved around the rim. It is considered an extra effort from the manufacturers because it can be more difficult to apply this design, the text being close to the edge of a small coin. However, it is an effective enough style in custom military coins that it had not been completely set aside.

Bottle Opener Style

Objects and memorabilia with double purposes are becoming more popular nowadays. A coin can, for example, doubles as a bottle opener much in the same way a bottle opener can be made out of key chains. This style may not work too well on prestigious military coins but it is a tongue-in-cheek option.

Translucent Enamel

For a smoother surface, you may opt for the translucent enamel finish. It is can be the best option if you want to combine smoothness and detail. Under the enamel finish, the inner part of the coin could be more detailed with the help of engravings.

Sequential Numbering

If you want to have limited edition coins that are also well accounted for then you need sequential numbering. Each of the coins will have a number. If you want to have 500 coins made, you need to number them from 001 to 500.

Diamond Cut Edges

If you want your custom military coins to stand out then opt for diamond cut edges. From the name, the selected edge design is set apart from rope, wavy, and cross cut edges. The edge style treats the coin like a jewel.

Offset Print

There are images that are too complicated to be engraved. That is why offset printing is available for coins. These photos could be printed on the coins to represent something that should be clearly expressed, such as faces of people who have done so much for the military.

The above special services go to show that you can really get any type of coin that you imagine. Just sketch the military coin in your mind and a top coin manufacturer can bring your vision to tangible life.