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Howard Oakley

Special Additional Details for Custom Military Coins


custom military coinsCustom military coins are made a certain way. Most of the ones that you have seen on display will be more likely round, sturdy, heavy, and decorated with etchings. They are usually gold or silver, although nickel, brass, and copper, among others, are also available as materials. Coin manufacturers, however, do not just provide the usual services. They can also provide additional services that could make your coin look more unique or simply more polished. Here are some additional details that you can avail from top coin manufacturers.

3D Design

For those who would like coins with more heft and realism, a three dimensional design can be applied. Not only are the texts engraved but images can be bulked out so that you don’t only see them but can also feel them with your fingers. These 3D coins also look attractive when put on display. Do not waste them on glass paneled display cases where they would not be appreciated much.

Epoxy Coating

With epoxy coating on a part of or over the whole coin, you can put more emphasis on the design. The parts that are covered with a thin coating will look shinier in comparison to the rest. However, the coating can turn a yellowish color if frequently exposed to light.


Some custom military coins are designed with cutouts instead of 3D bulges. Instead of a thicker coin, you have shapes that are cut out of the coin. Simple cutouts may include crosses and hearts, but more complicated designs, such as a person’s profile, have been done before.

Engraved Rim Text

Some coins have their mottos engraved around the rim. It is considered an extra effort from the manufacturers because it can be more difficult to apply this design, the text being close to the edge of a small coin. However, it is an effective enough style in custom military coins that it had not been completely set aside.

Bottle Opener Style

Objects and memorabilia with double purposes are becoming more popular nowadays. A coin can, for example, doubles as a bottle opener much in the same way a bottle opener can be made out of key chains. This style may not work too well on prestigious military coins but it is a tongue-in-cheek option.

Translucent Enamel

For a smoother surface, you may opt for the translucent enamel finish. It is can be the best option if you want to combine smoothness and detail. Under the enamel finish, the inner part of the coin could be more detailed with the help of engravings.

Sequential Numbering

If you want to have limited edition coins that are also well accounted for then you need sequential numbering. Each of the coins will have a number. If you want to have 500 coins made, you need to number them from 001 to 500.

Diamond Cut Edges

If you want your custom military coins to stand out then opt for diamond cut edges. From the name, the selected edge design is set apart from rope, wavy, and cross cut edges. The edge style treats the coin like a jewel.

Offset Print

There are images that are too complicated to be engraved. That is why offset printing is available for coins. These photos could be printed on the coins to represent something that should be clearly expressed, such as faces of people who have done so much for the military.

The above special services go to show that you can really get any type of coin that you imagine. Just sketch the military coin in your mind and a top coin manufacturer can bring your vision to tangible life.

Daniel Vaughan

Biker Patches and Their Significance


Looking at biker patches is an effective way of identifying the affiliation of a rider or group of riders. These clothing accessories are usually attached onto the back of the vest worn by bikers. Aside from functioning as the representation or emblem of the club in which a biker belongs, a biker patch is also used to symbolize the personality of the wearer. The color and overall design of the patches play a significant role.

When it comes to the design of this type of patches, there are no specific rules to follow. However, the number of pieces of patches that can be seen on the vest of the wearer symbolizes the kind of connections he has. For instance, a one-piece patch indicates that the wearer is a member of motorcycle associations. On the other hand, a two-piece patch indicates that the wearer belongs in a certain biker’s club. In addition, the three-piece design of patches is associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs. An outlaw motorcycle club is a biker group, which is not recognized officially by the American motorcycle association.

PatchesThe three-piece design of biker patches typically includes crescent shapes, below and above the logo of the club. These crescent shapes are commonly called as rockers. However, you should understand that not every biker who wears a three-piece patch belongs to a particular motorcycle outlaw club.

According to the stated rule of the American Motorcycle Association, 1% of patches is used by outlaw riders. On the other hand, 99% of biker patches is worn by law-abiding American bikers. This statement is based on the common notion that bikers who belong in motorcycle outlaw clubs are criminals.

The most popular items used by bikers are the #13 patches. This type of patches stands for the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, which is the letter M. The letter M can stand for various things, such as marijuana. This means that the biker either sells or takes drugs.

The 9 or 9er biker patches signifies that the wearer has Indian blood. The 9th letter of the alphabet is the letter “I”, so, it should be easy to identify this symbol. In addition, the Ace of Spades symbolizes that the rider will fight for his right even if it means losing his life. Also, a patch that shows a flag usually refers to the origin country of the bike or to family lineage.

MCC or MC refers to motorcycle club and the leader of the club uses the President patch. These days, you can also find memorial patches in the market. This type of patches contains writing like “in memory of”. This can be attached onto any part of the vest or onto any clothing item worn by the biker.

Patches that have wings can hold various significance, but oftentimes the design refers to the accomplishments done by the biker. However, there are some cases that these wings are used to symbolize the sexual or criminal acts made by the wearer. In addition, bikers who were able to cheat death or kill someone typically wear patches with a crossbones or skull design.
Other biker patches imply the biker’s position in the club such as Sergeant at Arms, Secretary or Vice Presidents. Some patches are also designed with road names or any other stuff.

Many bikers use patches today to represent their club or even their personality. The designs of such patches hold a great deal of meaning and significance. So, the next time you happen to see those, you already know that they are more than mere aesthetic enhancers – they’re essentially a language that only a few truly understand.

Wesley Teague

Simple Checklist to Help You Pack Things Inside Portable Storage Containers


When you are moving to a new place, you need to get a moveable container to efficiently transport your stuff. Portable storage containers can help you move your things without having to repeatedly go back and forth to complete the task. You just need to pick the right size to completely pack your items and transport them in one ride.

To maximize the efficiency offered by this great storage box, you must learn how to properly pack your stuff. You do not just stuff everything inside, after all. You must properly pick the things that should go inside first. Likewise, you have to know what should go in last. If you do this right, you can move safely and unpack without any hassle.

Portable Storage containerYou might find it easier to pack your things when you have a checklist of the basics. Here is a checklist of what you should do when packing your stuff.

•Start packing the out-of-season items in the portable storage containers. After that, you will need to pack the things you do not use frequently. The last ones to store inside the moveable container should be those that you will need up until the actual moving date.

•You better rid drawers of non-allowed items, spillables, and breakables. Anything that can puncture or damage the other items should be removed. However, your sweaters, bath towels, blankets, lingerie, and other soft, lightweight materials can be left inside the drawers.

•Similar items should be packed together. You should never pack your delicate China tea sets in the same box as your cast-iron frying pans. The result after the move will be obvious – the China tea sets will be broken into tiny pieces.

•When you are disassembling items during packing, make sure that you keep all their parts or pairs together. Mirror bolts, curtain rod hangers, and other small hardware materials must be placed inside a cloth bag or plastic. They must then be tied or taped securely onto whichever item they belong.

•Pack electrical cords by winding them up first. Make sure to fasten them so that they do not dangle inside the portable storage containers.

•When you are packing crystal, fine china, and delicate items, it is highly recommended that you wrap them individually in clean paper. You can use paper towels, facial tissues, or tissue papers to do that. For the very small items, consider using colored wrapping to avoid losing them easily. After wrapping them individually, you need to create a double layer of newspaper to serve as an outer wrapping.

•Placing a layer of crushed paper at the bottom of the carton is necessary. This serves well for cushioning items that break easily. You should use two- to three-inch layers of crushed paper for this.

•Layering your items inside portable storage containers must be done carefully. Build up the layers by starting with the heaviest items. These should be placed at the bottom. The medium weight ones must be placed on top of the heaviest items. The lightest ones should then be placed at the top layer.

•After one layer is completed, take note of the empty spaces. Firmly fill in these empty spaces with crushed paper. Add as much as you can to make a level base for the next layer. If paper isn’t available, a good alternative can be cardboard. These can act as dividers.

•Avoid overloading the cartons. However, that does not mean you should be complacent with how you pack them. Make sure to strive for a firm pack, preventing your items from shifting. The cartons’ cover should easily close even without having to use force but it should not bend inward.

Following the checklist should make you prepared for the move. The transportation of your items through portable storage containers will be more efficient if you keep the checklist in mind.

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